Spiritual Institutions

Spiritual Institutions at Manarcad

1. Sunday School

The first of these was started in 1926. Today 16 Sunday School are functioning in this parish to inculcate Christian faith in Children and to develop the spiritual culture in them. They are also being trained to develop the leadership qualities latent in them. More than 1600 children learn spiritual lessons from 275 instructors at these Sunday School. These Sunday School jointly participate in VBS, Teachers Seminars and Christmas Carols.

2. Ladies Group

They function with the cum of enabling the ladies to attain spiritual enlightenment and nobility of mind. The members visit patients and pray for their recovery. They also extend financial help to poor patients. It is the bounden duty of the members to visit those who are in distress and sorrow and alleviate their suffering by offering them spiritual advice. Eighteen branches of this Lady’ Group are functioning in the parish.

3. Youth Association

It Function on all-Malankara basis to promote Bible Study, worship, protection of faith, spirit of service and propagation of faith among youths.

4. Elders Forum

It is constituted of elders of over 60 in age. This body discusses spiritual matters, assesses the functioning of various religious bodies and lays dain guidelines in the matter.

5. Hail Mary League

It is a spiritual and cultural body that works for the spiritual upliftment of young girls.

6. Prayers Meetings

The prayer meetings conducted in these parish is on ancient instruction of this parish. The prayer groups that used to engragate in the good old days have grown into organised prayer meetings. They function fervently in different parts of this parish.