The Miraculous Stone Cross


The stone cross situated right in front of the Church is as old as the church. The Following is the story of the establishment of the cross.
When the Chiseling work of the massive stone cross was completed people found it difficult to erect it. It was impossible to lift and straighten such a heavy stone cross without using an elephant. But none in Manarcad at that time owned an elephant. So the parishioners went to Puthupally to get and elephant for this work. The parishioners came back disheartened. But back in the church, what they saw was amazing; In the pit made for erecting the cross stood straight the cross and there stood the elephant which they had asked for the task with its tusk touching the foot of the cross.
                              Lighting candles around this stone cross is an important offering in this church. The devotees who come to the church to take part in the Eight Day Lent, after taking bath, roll themselves on the ground around the cross and light candles there. Those who have mental problems, standing near the cross cry out to the Mother begging her intercession. They get miraculous cure; this is a common sight in the church. 

The miraculous  stone cross added with crown of glory when sweet fragrance oil poured out from it. According to Syrian Orthodox faith and tradition, unnatural pouring of  sweet fragrance oil is viewed as signs of time from St. Mary the Mother of God. One portion of that sweet fragrance oil is kept in the soonoro shelf