Service Counter

On north side of the church, 
a counter is functioning to receive 
offerings and for collecting donations
to various church services.

Candle/Oil Counter

A special counter for coconut oil 
and candles. It is functioning in the 
church premises. Devotees can take
oil or candles to their home too.

Counter for
Muthukuda (Ornamental Umbrella), 
Kodi (Flag) etc

Devotees can take ‘Muthukuda‘ or ‘Kodi
from a special counter functioning on
North side of the church. The procession
with these accompaniments is one of the 
most sacred rituals of the church.

Book Centre 

The book centre is functioning at the east side 
of the church. Books and publications related 
to the church, kontha maala, key chain, cross, 
muthukuda, perfumed candles, candle stands, 
photos, calendars are available in the stall.